A local, family-owned business,
opened in March 2013. We are a full
service cheese shop. Each piece of
cheese is hand cut to order, ensuring top
quality and freshness.

5 Tips for the Best Cheese Plate

1.    Make sure you have enough cheese: We recommend ¼ lb of cheese per guest – that’s just four bites!
2.    Don’t confuse your guests:  3-4 selections of cheese is the maximum
3.    Pair wisely: one kind of cracker or bread; one kind of seasonal fruit; one kind of jam or honey; perhaps some interesting nuts.  That’s it!
4.    Serve it uniquely: use a wooden serving board, a specially made slate, or a beautiful platter and don’t forget that each cheese needs its own serving knife!
5.    Choose a theme: explore one kind of genre (think triple crème); choose a milk and showcase its range (sheep’s milk cheese from creamy to aged); or highlight a particular region (cheese from the Pyrenees)